Cardinals, MLB Video Analysis Planned

I’ve a new plan. I consider my remit here to cover all of major league baseball with video analysis on YouTube supplemented with content here on the website.

Yeah, it’s sports, but I mean business! My mission is to be the bridge to anyone who loves MLB with a Cardinals slant. To be clear: I am a progressive student of baseball. I study advanced statistics and think sabermetrics is the prism through which we can best understand what we are seeing.

Sabermetrics doesn’t have all the answers. That’s why they are working on developing frames through which we attempt to quantify the events about which we tell stories. MLB Advanced Media has another card up its sleeve: complete defensive tracking that will be implemented in all stadiums next season. With hope, it will be integrated into the At Bat application in the near future. It will revolutionize the game.

I don’t know what C++ is and I can’t write a proprietary program to figure out which pitcher will break down next. But I’m not a high school cheerleader, either. I want to put together content that takes the best from research that is on the cutting edge and apply that to the orientation of an involved, curious, passionate fan. In other words, it’s my job to understand the concepts the baseball industry uses in front offices, but I’m not here to peddle metrics. It’s not my forte.

I’m from the liberal arts wing of the baseball community. Perhaps excluding boxing, baseball was the first American sport to which literature–or literary types–turned their attention. A good part of its early charm–since there was no internet, TV, and round-the-clock sports stations–sprung from descriptions of players and games, using words, becoming literature. It is true that the languid pace of the game was conducive to this budding literature.

That’s what this is about: love of language, tied to baseball, using modern tools.

There won’t be one-sided rooting for the Cardinals on my channel. If we see something amiss about game management we’ll point it out. If a player on another club does something special we will discuss it. I will strive to provide a fresh perspective on matters I think you will find compelling and that are important within the industry.

It will be hard work. It will be a work in progress. The plan is that this project will gain momentum over time and I will be able to provide more–and better–information going forward. With hope, production values will improve. But I want to be crystal clear: I am the synthesizer of the deluge of information that comes our way every day. I will listen to and watch games, reflect, read, and write, and come up with a product tailored to lovers of baseball at the highest level that is consistent, reliable, practical, and fun.


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